Drive Thru Invisible Driver Prank

Watch as this funny guy pranks the drive thru by being hidden as the car seat itself.
This drive thru prank is beyond awesome and totally hilarious!

Baby Laughing At Ripping Paper By Dad

Watch as this baby keeps laughing at ripping paper by his dad. For whatever reason, when the baby's dad rips the paper, this baby just laughs and laughs. Hilarious and priceless.

Gas Pump Prank With News Tv

Watch this gas pump prank. As people at the pumps fill up with gas, the tv with a news reporter starts talking directly to them. Great prank and very funny video.

Reporter Run Over By Giant Ball

Watch as this young female reporter gets run over by a giant ball. The ball is many times her size and moving fast. She takes a big hit.

Brett Favre Hit In Crotch With Football

Watch as Brett Favre gets hit in the crotch with a football he did not see coming towards him. He hits the floor in agony as other players watch.

I Like Turtles Kid

When asked a question about his costume, this kid has the strange response of, "I like turtles."

Weatherman With Green Tie On Green Screen

Watch as this Milwaukee weatherman with a green tie has the green screen behind him, showing the weather on his tie.

Milwaukee Bucks Mascot Bango Does A Crazy Dunk Backflip From Sixteen Foot Ladder

Watch as Bango, the mascot for the Milwaukee Bucks, does a backflip off a sixteen foot ladder and throws down a monster slam dunk. So dangerous, yet simply amazing.

Fake Car Crash Funny Prank Video

Watch as this van full of guys decide to play a prank on one of their buddies who is sleeping on the road trip. They all scream at the same time as if they were getting into a car crash, waking up the sleeper and scaring him out of his mind as he thinks he is about to die. His face is priceless.

Owned Pics

Watch this video of owned pics. Very funny ownage.